Single External Dart Valves

single eDart valve

This valve is optimised for fine control of slurry flow from one flotation machine to the next. The single eDart has a customisable body and flange orientations to suit any plant.

Do you have these issues?

  • Poor level control or Spillage
  • Valve operating outside of the 40-60% range
  • Excessive wear
  • Spillage
  • Bouncing or vibration of valves, poor coupling.
  • Maintenance problems

Then eDART external valves will benefit you.  The eDART Single eDart valve is optimised for fine level control of slurry typically on flotation banks.  There is a single plug and seat in this valve body. Due to the valves flexible orientation, it is ideal for plant retrofits.  It being external to the vessel means that it may be maintained easily since it can be done from the safety and accessibility of the walkway next to the tank.

General Information


  • Body fully customised to plant layout.
  • Anti-burping bonnet to help avert air build up within the body.
  • Simple maintenance: All internal wearing parts can be inspected and/or replaced without removing the valve body from the process line.
  • Anti-Rotation Device on the plug.
  • Stroke Indication.

Material of Construction

  • Plug and seat – polyurethane or other appropriate wear resistant material (e.g. UHMWPE or Tungsten Carbide).
  • Bellows seal – to give a non-sliding sealing arrangement.
  • Body – rubber lined phenoline painted mild steel.

Standard Sizes

  • 100mm to 600mm


  • Poppet sampler mounted in body.
  • Full or reduced bore for the plug and seat.
  • Flushing Valves.
  • Smart (HART, Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus), Electro-Pneumatic (4 – 20 mA) or Pneumatic (20 – 100 kPa) Positioner choices.
  • Bias Spring Fail Closed, Fail Fixed or Double Acting Actuator Options


  • Due to the valves flexible orientation, it is ideal for plant retrofits.
  • Flotation level control.
  • Distribution box level control

Product Variations

eDART Single Dart Valve
In this configuration, the round outlet is orientated at 10° downward and the rotation angle, as seen in plan-view, made between the inlet and the outlet can be configured to best suit the plant layout.
eDART Single Dart Valve
In this configuration the lower portion of the valve reduces to a vertical orientated outlet making it suitable for back pressure pipes, column cells and distribution boxes.